Gen 8 Ch 10: Sore Muscles

More than one Snyder family member has sore muscles.


One More Thing …

As you know, Euan & Patience raised two sets of triplets. The first set (Charity, Felicity and Mercy) moved out as soon as they graduated from high school.

There are two reasons for doing this.
1. Too keep my sanity. 8 Sims is a lot of work!!!
2. They are starring in a Renovacy Challenge of their very own!

That’s right! The girls have a story to share and a fixer-upper to fix.
To get started, please go HERE

Success or Phailure?

I’ll let you decide for yourself.
Here is the final week for Euan & Patience.

It was crazy raising two sets of triplets and keeping a roof over their heads. Not sure I will do that again. Hence moving the first set out as soon as they graduated from high school.

Maintaining good relations as the family members aged, turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought it would be. Wish I had thought of the LTR ‘Long Distance Friend’ sooner than I did because it would have been quite helpful.

Not having a job or career wasn’t as much of a hardship as I expected. Collecting and dumpster diving as well as painting raised most of the funds needed to renovate the home and raise this family.

Would I play this couple again? YES!
Will I attempt another Renovacy? DEFINITELY!

Phailure is NOT an Option

As their children grow up, the McPhail family is no longer struggling to survive
However, daily tasks and relationships keep them quite busy during Week FIVE!

Warning: This is a longer chapter and quite picture heavy.

Too Busy to Phail

The McPhail’s are continually going in and out their front door.
The family is busy with school, work & more during Week FOUR.

Warning: This is a longer chapter and quite picture heavy.

Phailure is NOT in Our Vocabulary

Euan and Patience are busy doing what they can to raise a family and keep the roof over their heads. They know with the upcoming birthdays that more simoleons are needed, but phailure is not a part of their vocabulary at any time and especially not during Week THREE.