Build Update

After several days of trying various methods (including those suggested by the helpful ciane!), I’m once again able to upload creations. HOORAY!!!

  • Casey Kennel download link has been added to the bottom of the Final Tour page.
  • Autumn Abode download link has been added to its page.

BnS Challenge #208

This month challenged builders to renovate the Monotone lot in Sunset Valley, a lot that is dear to my heart since it’s the first lot I used on my initial journey in TS3. The restrictions made the project seem manageable and there is a whole month in which to plan and implement.

So what do I do?

Hem & haw, that’s what! I began my project the day before it’s due. Also, because I’m crazy like that … challenged myself to NOT use store objects.

What did I come up with? Is it a hit or a flop? Let me know what YOU think.

Autumn Abode

The “Write” Time continued

Telling Abigail about Ethan is important, but so is the wedding. Luke decides this is the right time to share his ‘grand’ scheme with the others.
Letter 21b

Please note the following:
LOTS of reading ahead!
21b … 21c … and 21d are included. Time to reveal the full hand that I’ve been holding.
Oh, yes … you might want tissues. I got quite ‘misty-eyed’ while writing these!