Chase has a heart-to-heart with his dad about carrying on traditions and starting a family. Does he follow the advice or does he march to his own drum? Find out in Star Light Love.


It’s Graduation Day! Ben and Darla are as proud as can be. Their kids are all grown up and ready to begin the next chapter in their lives.

It’s also the last chapter for Generation 8! Join us in celebrating the changes that take place during Chase in Charge.


The day has finally arrived and there are birthdays to celebrate!

Darla says, “Their babies are growing up and will soon be having babies of their own.” To find out how Ben feels about this, please read Happy Birthday.


Fall festivities can mean different things to different sims: a day off of school or work, fun times, spooky or scary stuff and tricks or treats.

Ben and his family experience a bit of it all in Fall Festivities.


Ben, Darla and their teens return in a new chapter!

Things are happening: somewhat annoying things (excessive love letters!) something surprising and plenty of good things. No spoilers/hints on the last two so you need to read in order to find out!

What’s Next?

When writing the end to Charles’ story, I had been looking around to figure out what to focus on next and made the happy discovery of two unpublished Randomacy chapters!! But wait, there’s more … I then found pictures plus notes and from those, wrote the rest of generation 8 chapters!!

That means that starting tomorrow, I will be sharing those and working on getting generation 9 out the door, too.

You don’t know how happy this makes me.
Hopefully, you feel the same.


SVD 23

Charles has finally achieved the dream on behalf of his late wife, Karen Cameron! He’s at the top of his career and running a pretty successful daycare. Can life get any better than this? Read SVD 23 to find out!