Holiday Wish

Holiday Wish
written by Addy, Christmas 2019

Our Simming Community is a happy place
Whether we meet in person or cyberspace!

The holidays are full of good times & good cheer
Partly because of memories throughout the year!

One of my favorite things is Sim Stuff we shared
It’s one way we showed each other that we cared!

As you celebrate and do the things you do
Here is my holiday wish being sent to YOU!

May your words stay sweet
With everyone you meet

May panic and stress levels stay low
As holiday spirit makes your own glow

May hope, peace, joy & love
Fit like a favorite glove

May your table be filled with family, friends & fun
Until the holiday season is considered done!

Time for another Renovacy!

SamelaRita started it. Then during the Sims 3 Happy Holidays Gift Exchange, Hidehi grabbed the “torch” and ran with it (she was assigned to gift SamelaRita) coming up with not one but TWO terrific renovacies to do.

Here is my take on the first one.
Two Steps Forward, TIN Steps Back
This leads you to the introduction and download links plus a way to read Day 1.

♥ Addy