In One’s “Write” Mind

In this letter Luke enjoys a day away from the house but is always mindful of where his responsibilities lie.


Small Changes

Whenever I had more than one chapter to share in a week, I would spread them out. This worked fine when there was only one story running but as you can tell I am now doing more than just the Randomacy.

Going forward, Monday and Tuesday will be designated for posting Other Stories and Wednesday through Friday will be for the main story-line.

This will hopefully makes things easier for all of us. Be sure to give it a “fair shake” and let me know what you think about this format.


Miss Me?

The Randomacy family is back with a new chapter! It’s been a while. Take time to refresh your memory of the sims and their relationships as we move forward with their story.

Thanks to those who have already participated in the survey. The information is valuable and those improvements will be seen beginning July 1st. For those who haven’t taken part and want to do so, the deadline is June 30th.

Randomacy Update

Another chapter is ready to be posted this week and it got me thinking about the way SP information is being shared.

Would you please take a few minutes to complete the following survey and let me know what you think.

Thank YOU!