Time for another Renovacy!

SamelaRita started it. Then during the Sims 3 Happy Holidays Gift Exchange, Hidehi grabbed the “torch” and ran with it (she was assigned to gift SamelaRita) coming up with not one but TWO terrific renovacies to do.

Here is my take on the first one.
Two Steps Forward, TIN Steps Back
This leads you to the introduction and download links plus a way to read Day 1.

♥ Addy

Break Time is Over

Like many of you, life periodically gets busy and when it does pleasures like the Sims are set aside for the time being. As you can see by the date of my last blog post … what I thought would be a short break became a bit more than that.

Hosting the Happy Holidays Gift Exchange (gifting begins on December 1st!) got me thinking about my game so I began playing and seeing if I could reconnect with the family. I did and it’s been a lovely week of playing and taking way too many screenshots. LOL

I also made the happy discovery that I have a couple of unpublished chapters ready to go. Hooray! This will give me time to get back in the groove of writing again.

Hello. It’s good to be back!
♥ Addy


Chase has a heart-to-heart with his dad about carrying on traditions and starting a family. Does he follow the advice or does he march to his own drum? Find out in Star Light Love.